My Motivation
It’s beautiful to be human. We have a unique opportunity to explore this form of being with all that our existence has in store for us.

My wish is that we become more aware of our being, instead of falling asleep and getting attached to the drama taking place on the surface. With my work and with my way, I would like to contribute a bit to a development, where man/woman begins to explore his/her own nature. “A state of fluidity, change and growth where nothing is eternally fixed and hopelessly petrified.” (C.G. Jung)

As you become aware of your essence, of your being, your entire life heals from within. You can live from a place of quiet love that knows no shortage. Deeply conciliatory. Everything that is beautiful, everything that is difficult, all our struggles and our suffering are there as well (otherwise we would not be in the form of human being), but you can see and cope with it it differently.

The entrance gate for us as a human being is the body or as a professor of mine once said: ‘Our skin-covered hereness’. Through this level we come into contact, with all other levels: The outer layers, strategies and patterns, the inner layers and finally – essence. Well, this process of growth is not linear, because existence is not, but fluctuating in all directions.

My wish is to be a local, concrete point of rest in an ever faster time that leads to our alienation of natural body time, because where your body is, there is your life! Many problems only arise through this alienation from your inner guidance.

My philosophy and approach

My love for the body
The body and its reciprocal relationship to our inner landscape has been the focal point of my work and personal interest. Through it we live, sense, express ourself. It is the bridge and thus the voice of our soul, showing us who we are and what we need to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

For me bodywork and massage equals healing through touch and presentness. If I am present I can get in touch with myself, my body and its innate wisdom and desire for health and self-healing.

An other vital aspect of my life that forms the solid base for my work is my longterm experience of working as a dancer and teacher for movement. It gave me my first understanding of embodiment and a comprehension of the way in which our inner landscape speaks and manifests through the body. Seeing with ‘larger’ eyes, feeling with fingers that ‘listen’, sensing from a deeper place: there is an emotion stuck in your throat that wants to be released, there is a pattern that causes your energy to be low and gives you an ache in your back…

The felt body: awareness, acceptance, integration
The path from creative to therapeutic is a short one. The artist learns to sense and be sensitive for a diversity of human conditions and situations. Here, awareness and acceptance are significant factors in creating a healing or a safe space. A space, in which you are allowed to BE, to be present with everything that shows up: joy, fatigue, grumpiness, tears, anger…..too often we are busy trying to ‘fight'(!) what we judge as ‘negative’ – pain, disease, anger…) and thus don’t notice how we increasingly loose contact to our nature and thus our true needs behind our symptoms.This fight often takes place in the HEAD. When we start to sense, we start to heal and encounter a sense of truth.

Your body points the way
Your body points the way: every rhythm, every step, every single tension mirrors your hereness. Where it flows and where it doesn’t. When I touch and move this story that is burned into our cells and runs through our veins, then you can change it, relief it, integrate it.

Having lived in a variety of countries and places, thus being exposed to environments of varies cultural and other influences, has certainly widened my experience and view. And has opened my heart.