Brainspotting: Releasing Trauma and stress-related conditions.

Brainspotting is a neurological, body-oriented method developed within the field of trauma therapy by psychoanalyst David Grand.

Similar to EMDR we work via our eyes or rather with the field of vision to locate eye positions (or ‘Brainspots’) that correlate with neural and emotional experience:

“Where you look affects how you feel”.

Your line of sight determines how deeply you connect with an emotional experience.
Whilst working, this can become visible for example through intensified reflexes such as blinking, twitching, retreating, shaking… In your, the client’s experience it can show up as an intensification of physical sensations (e.g.: the uncomfortable feeling increases, heat/cold)

Neurophysiologically, it leads to a resolution of issues deeply held in the mid-brain areas, where stress and trauma are physically and emotionally ‘stored’.

Once the brainspot(s) are located, the processing starts. This can be accompanied by strong physical sensations such as vibration, shaking or physical sensations that return as part of a particular body memory (for example the taste of medicine or an anesthetic), or it can be a rather quiet, internal form of processing. Images, Words, specific memories can show up and pass by – feeling as if everything is connected on a pearl necklace.

In my work, I utilize Brainspotting similar to other approaches such as Somatic Experiencing to support and help solve emotional experiences. These can relate to traumatic experiences, pre -or perinatal themes that you can’t consciously remember, stressful situations in everyday life or chronic pain.

Initially a sceptic, I have experienced Brainspotting as effective and efficient. Efficient in relation to the release of issues, of which some have a name and those that simply don’t, but nevertheless have an influence on one’s zest for life, energy and (inhibiting) patterns. Which brings me back to my favorite topic: The strength and wisdom of our body! You can’t reach something that sits deep within the body with your mind alone.