Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Into the body and beyond.The perception of the whole person in the field of his/her existence.

In the following, I would like give you a description of biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, despite the fact that it is difficult to put this simple yet complex, scientifically accurate and at the same time all encompassing practice into words without slamming it in its face, but instead making it more tangible to you whilst reading.

Cranio-Sacral therapy has its roots in the research and the findings of the American Dr. Sutherland, who developed osteopathy in the first half of the 20th century. With a holistic sense and sensitive fingers he explored the craniosacral system. Later on, craniosacral therapy developed as an independent form of therapy.

A gateway to conciliatory wholeness and health
For me, Cranio is a gateway to conciliatory wholeness and health. Healing from inside out, from past – today – tomorrow into a dynamic ‘her and now’ space – Until the field becomes one and the storm has passed. Many clients report the feeling that ‘everything flows again’ or ‘everything in body and soul is in the right place again.’ The inclusion of all levels of human existence and thus the possibility of integrating physical, emotional, spiritual or spiritual dimensions is, what makes this intense structural and energetic bodywork work so wonder-ful and leaves some clients ‘baffled’. Some ask if one practices magic, but it has little to do with magic spells, but instead with a finely tuned – and in my case highly sensitive – perception.

How is this possible? And what do I mean when I say ‘into the body and beyond’?
Imagine a person who goes through life with his shoulders rounded, his jaw held tight and his breathing shallow. A person, who has ‘armored himself’ due to (physical/emotional) injuries and different traumas.
This armor is reflected in behavioral, mental, and physiological levels, protecting him against overwhelming emotions such as fear, anger, and/or shame. On the physical level this shows up as tension, rigidity, pain and dis-ease.
Example ‘Body Armor and Shame’: In one of my sessions, a client became aware that her body was getting very rigid and that she was completely withdrawing into her ‘judgmental head’ when she feels ashamed or vulnerable. In allowing shame and vulnerability, she was able to experience a new strength in softness.

Now this person enters a space, where he is safe and is seen in his life-affirming core, not just in his ‘armor’.

Listening with care: Working with the body & the Craniosacral Rhythm
On the one hand, I am in concrete contact with your body, its structures, movements and/or blockages. I tune into the craniosacral rhythm, which is transmitted via the liquor and further via the fascia. You can imagine the rhythm as a subtle inner breathing, an ebb-and-flow.The breath behind the breath.

Here, I am in touch with very primal (embryological) and therefore life-affirming forces: The fluid body. Before we became form and before limiting imprints caused irritation and compression. The force itself is invisible – like the lunar force that determines the tides or the different currents and whirlpools of water.

“The metabolic flows which shape the growing embryo, are the same forces which sustain health and the embodied sense of wholeness throughout our life time.”(Carol Agneessens)

I am looking for restrictions or congestions. Is the rhythm rather weak, jammed or hyper? What does this person need right now, where does this person stand in their life and what does their body tell me? By listening carefully with my hands, I work on different structures all over the body and invite blocked areas to loosen so that the inner health can be restored again. Sometimes this happens in silence, but sometimes the physical blockage is just ‘pointing its finger’ to a blockage on an other plane. Then I also work with words and the ‘field’….

Working with the field or the zones
During the session I also work with the different zones of perception or as I call it: The field. These are beyond the physical borders of your body, but belong to your being and your story. The body is simply the most dense area of your being. Here, one can also find blockages, energies or ‘stories’ that cause irritations in the body.

Example I: Maybe you recall a moment, in which you felt restless, somehow dissonant inside. Then you entered a space of silence, concentration or holiness or you visited a space in nature. Now, inner and outer landscape are communicating and after a short while you feel more connected to your self again.
Example II -From my practice:
During a session with a client, I sense like a ‘guardian’ in the space that seems to control the whole process. It feels literally as if a general is standing next to the bench. I say this out loud and suddenly the energy seems to shift: We start laughing and then I ask my client: What is happening for you? She laughs again and then says: ‘Wow, that initiates quiet a lot.’ Her face changes and her whole body starts shaking. Something ‘big’ is finally ready to shift!

“The electro-magnetic field is imbued with intelligence. The field forms the body. When we change the field, the body changes.”(High Milne)

Symptoms can thus be solved at the point of their origin.

And to return to our first client with the rounded shoulders: One could say that we soften his armor from within and without. That way, the armor and tensions can soften. His body can connect to its own healing resources. If we found the original emotional-energetic sources for these tensions, we can hope for a lasting change.

To begin with, this process can be less glamorous for the client than it sounds, because when we get in touch with what’s behind the armor, the client often feels all that has been suppressed there: Pain, anger or emptiness.Or all of it. But I believe: It is worth it! Because our armor doesn’t just protect us, it also ‘protects’ us from all the good stuff!

For whom?
Clients with physical or emotional complaints or clients, who are looking for a deeper connection and inner peace come and see me.personally I believe it is for every person, because it re-connects you to who you truly are. But here is a list:

Indications for this work other than deep relaxation are for example:
• Problems and pain of the musculoskeletal system (back pain, sciatic pain, tennis elbow…)
• Dental Problems or issues with the TMJ, the temporomanibular joint (grinding teeth…) • Migraine, tension headaches, eye problems
• After accidents and operations
• Burn-Out/Stress/nervous exhaustion /depression
• Panic attacks
• Repetitive (destructive) behavioural patterns