Dance Movement Therapy – Move & Heal.

Through dance and movement we can experience and express all levels of our being and our corpo-reality. Aspects or issues that were previously reduced to our rational mind alone, are seen and heard. Allowing ourselves to be seen and heard with all our colors, our changes us in our thinking, in our relationships and our being. It allows the gate for change and wholeness to open up.

Thus one step can be a big step towards healing and a way of life that embraces fullness and aliveness. The latter is one of the most significant factors for our life, our health and the way we approach and cope with everything that our existence presents to us and the way we react to it.

All our experiences, our stories our wounds large or small can be quoted as examples, which we often ‘rationalize away’ with inner statements such as: ‘don’t be such a coward’, ‘swallow it and get on with it’, ‘cheer up’, ‘you are too sensitive’….when we give feelings attached to these experiences room to breathe, we will often be surprised how easy they will dissolve, integrate, transform and more so how often we find strength within something that we labeled as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ about ourselves.

You don’t need any knowledge or previous experience. The movement is already within you. We just need to clear the barriers that block its expression.