Massage and body work:

After a first treatment I am often asked: “What type of massage was this?” And with a smile I often answer: “The Katrin -Kelly – Massage!”

Over the last 20 years I have learned a variety of methods and techniques.(see also here With time and with my work maturing I developed my own individual approach.You could say: The methods gave me a form and then I lived into these forms and shaped them from within!

Individual Approach
This allows for a flexible approach and one that can be tailored to your needs. Because there might be days on which you need something slightly different or you arrive with specific symptoms such as headaches, lower back pain or jaw tension. Subsequently we might work also with acupressure or trigger points, stretches or elements from classical massage techniques.

Essential Tool: Deep tissue.
In essence I work with deep tissue massage techniques, because they allow a deep letting go and a deepening of your own sense of self as well as your body awareness. In turn this will not only help you detox by letting go of old thoughts, feelings and stuff your body doesn’t need anymore, but will also boost your self confidence.Because body awareness = self awareness.

Loosening deep tension patterns.
Sometimes during a treatment deep patterns of tension that can be connected to deep emotional patterns can be loosened. Here, I support you with breath work and offer a space to allow. Sometimes, when appropriate, I also include bioenergetic exercises that further the opening of what’s been held and frozen. Activating your life force that is often experienced in the body as heat, tickling or ‘a coming alive’.