Katrin Kelly – Heilpraktikerin
Therapeutic and bodywork since 1999. Member in the German Union of Craniosacral Therapists.

Education and continuing education:

  • 3year education in Cranio-Sacral Healing
    (School for CranioSacral-Healing, Ramraj U. Löwe, Odenwald)
  • Visceral Cranio work (Working with the inner organs),
    (School for CranioSacral-Healing, Ramraj U. Löwe, Odenwald)
  • ‘Herz des Heilens'(The heart of healing) – deepening therapeutic work and presence, (School for CranioSacral-Healing, Ramraj U. Löwe, Odenwald)
  • Cranio & Birth, Joachim Lichtenberg, Tübingen
  • Heilpraktikerausbildung                                          Heilpraktikerintensivausbildungen, J. Maier & A.Kühn, Berlin
  • Training in Swedish Massage and traditional Thaimassage (London/Berlin)
  • Further education in bodyoriented Trauma-therapy, Psychosynthesis and Non-violent communication methods.
  • Myofascial Release
  • Deep Tissue Massage,F. Venner & J. Valenti Clari, Berlin
  • Joint Release, F. Venner & J. Valenti Clari, Berlin
  • Development of ‚Move into life’- an approach to dance and movement therapy
  •  Yoga teacher training (Spirit Yoga, Berlin)

Artistic Vita

  • After completing A-levels,one-year full-time studies at Tanzstudio Beer’s in Vienna.
  • Dance Theatre studies at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London, Bachelor of Arts in Dance Theatre.
  • Acting Studies in Los Angeles  at the Tom Todoroff Studios.
  • M.A. in Dance and Theatre Practice.
  • (Final work: The physical and psychological reality behind our words.)
  • Research topics: Emotional Flow and Presentness; Embodiment and Corporeality, Healing and Embodiment, Performative Writing as method for self-experience and self healing.
  • since 1999 Freelance work as dancer, choreographer and teacher for movement, choreography and acting (i.e. at the Laban Centre London, University of Jacksonville Florida USA).