What my clients say

“Katrin is a wonderfully warm, gentle and wise woman. I noticed it from the moment I entered her practice. Even her website reveals a lot about her humble way of being. I have had craniosacral before (in the U.S.) but it was never so deeply moving as with Katrin. The only way I know to describe it is that there is a sense of Divine Presence when she is doing the massage. I leave each time feeling that I have had a holy encounter that has gone not only skin deep, but soul deep. I recommend her to others frequently and am so grateful to have found her.”
Monique Amado, Berlin, 13.10.2015

“Katrin invites you to a journey to yourself, opens and guides you to see the unexpected. Her presence is intuitive, very patient and still, firm in the direction which releases a healing process. Knowing her since many years I highly recommend her.” Nadine H., 8.10.2019

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