The foundation of my treatment is presence (=The penetration of the room with here-ness) and the extended perception of all levels of the human being. This corresponds to a biodynamic – craniotherapeutic attitude with a mindful focus on the whole and also with my artistic soul: To see what appears mundane or ordinary in an extra-ordinary way. As if I have never seen it before. This can initiate a development, where ‘the artificial’ in us becomes conscious and can thus be transformed. It’s a way of life, not just a way of ‘working’.

In our conversation I begin not only to understand your diverse history via your words, but also what vibrates ‘between the lines’. You may come to me with a certain topic in mind, but whilst listening the ‘knot’ may show up in a different place.

Tools that I use in addition to craniosacral and other bodywork methods to invite an opening are:

  • Forms of therapeutic conversation to unravel knots on the mental level, because sometimes these deny us access to the body/ the felt-sense level.
  • Methods of body-oriented trauma therapy (SE) and psychosynthesis.
  • Dialogue and/or embodiment of inner realities (eg inner critic, inner child, etc.), symptoms or organs.
  • Embodiment through movement, sound, painting.

All forms and methods I work with are body-oriented. Always leading you back to your actual embodied experience and existence.

The therapeutic process is a creative one: From crescere – to let be and to grow and creare – the birth of something new! How this creative process is presented can be very different. The session can take place in complete silence and deep connectedness or with extra activities including the above.