“When the soul cries and the mouth doesn’t move, the body speaks”

Bodyoriented Trauma Therapy: Relieving Trauma and Stress through dialoguing with the Body

This therapy is an integrative emotional and mental body therapy. It often works hand in hand with deep structural work such as CranioSacral therapy or massage.

Relieving physical tension often induces a letting go of outdated or destructive thought and behavioral patterns.
Stress, Trauma or behavioral patterns that we ‘adopted’ because of being hurt or of hiding our deepest insecurities often show up in form of tension and pain. We want to solve this by dialoguing with your body. This happens through a combination of verbal accompaniment that guides you to and through your physical landscape and senses, bodywork and authentic movement.

This treatment can be helpful for the following psychological or physiological conditions:

  • burn-out/nervous exhaustion
  • crisis
  • grieving – after the loss of a loved one
  • physical or psychological trauma (i.e. operations, accidents, violence…)
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • posttraumatic Stress Syndrome/panic attacks/phobias
  • back problems and back pain (disc problems, sciatic nerve…)
  • headaches/migraine
  • grinding teeth
  • birth trauma (your own birth or those of your children)

For whom
I think this therapy is healthy and effective for every human being, independent from the degree of trauma or stress he/she is suffering. For me ‘being human’ and the challenges life poses for us is also an Indication for this work: stress that we experience in everyday life when we smile instead of showing our teeth, when we repress our needs in order to ‘function’.

The verbal accompaniment
works in a way that avoids an intellectualization and thus avoids a circling around ‘the problem’. This is where the problem often starts in the first place. We are able to rationalize and thus disallow us to feel (sadness, pain…) or we create stories and lies in our heads that don’t even exist.(Nobody likes me, I am not strong, I am going to loose my husband…)
Further ‘being in the head’ keeps in a reality that doesn’t exist or has long been past! Coming back to experiencing here and now leads us to joy, fullness and freedom.

A pathway to your inner depths and possibilities
This form of therapy shows us new ways to our inner depths and possibilities. We learn to comprehend ourselves better by accepting our true needs and boundaries. Thus acting with more awareness and freedom. But even more important we experience that each conflict, each symptom carries a deeper meaning, a deeper joy for life and love.

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. (Joseph Campbell)

My way of working is based on ‘Somatic Experiencing’ developed by Peter Levine, Psychosynthesis and movement therapy.